Mattress Disposal Dublin

Moving requires us to transport bulky items such as a mattress. For it not to be damaged during transport, it must be properly secured. We do not realize how much sleeping comfort affects our lives. Everyday life could be a lot better if many of us exchanged our mattresses for new ones.


Same Day Mattress Disposal

The method of transporting the mattress will depend on its type and dimensions. There are two types of mattresses, i.e., foam and spring mattresses. A commonly known myth about mattress transport is that a mattress can be bent during transport, which will reduce its dimensions. This is not true. No mattress can be bent under any circumstances. This can lead to damage.

Mattress Delivery And Disposal

We do not recommend transporting the mattress on the roof of your car. This can be very dangerous for you and other drivers. Not only that, but this way of transporting the mattress can also damage it. To transport a mattress safely, you need a car that is big enough, which is why we recommend entrusting this task to the professionals.

Pick Up My Old Mattress

In some cases, stores send rolled mattresses, but in the instructions for use, they advise against rolling them up later because this can cause serious damage to the mattress. It is best to transport it flat. If you do not have the right car or do not want to destroy the mattress, it is better to order its transport to someone who knows about it.

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Cheap Furniture Disposal

The matter of transport is simple when you buy a new mattress in an online store, but when you sell or transport your used one, everything becomes more difficult, unfortunately. That is why we recommend our services. We will simplify this task for you.


Mattress Disposal Price

The price for transporting the mattress depends primarily on the size, type of mattress, and route length. We encourage you to fill out the short contact form on the given page to get a valuation for the service. We will try to answer within 24 hours.